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The Firm

Govoni International Law Firm serves clients from all over the world in their legal needs in Italy.

Although we primarily service English speaking and Italian clients, over the years, we have also assisted several clients from the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, Australia, East Europe, Colombia, South Korea, and more.

The main areas of activity are real estate, inheritance, wills, and real estate taxation.

In the real estate area, legal advice is crucial. This in order to avoid scams and allow a secure, smooth and transparent transaction, even with remote purchases, thanks to the assistance of our lawyers without the Clients having to be physically present at the place of purchase with proper check on legal title and the deed are legitimate.

Don’t Play Russian Roulotte!

Know the legal status of the property you want to buy, before paying any sums or obliging yourself by signing any document.

A safe purchase does not happen by chance. Standard buyers spend countless hours frantically trying to understand the purchase process and searching for properties among thousands of listings. When they finally find the property, they have problems during and after the purchase, or when they decide to resell that property.

Every year in Italy there are about 15,000 litigation cases related to real estate! Such an important event cannot be entrusted to a Russian Roulette.

We have a multi-year proven process, an innovative way of purchasing done to avoid the classic “Home Buyer Burnout” or future litigations. You can do it for ANY property in Italy, DISCOVER HOW IT WORKS!


Inheritance law has a certain value for the foreign customer, above all because it is the recipient of assets and properties left in inheritance and present in Italy. We also assist in drafting the will, to translate people’s will into legal concepts valid in Italy, without therefore incurring nullity.

Sometimes in the transfer of properties, it is necessary to set up corporate vehicles to access the best tax benefits that the law provides.

The History

The law firm was founded in 2010, in the middle of the world economic crisis, by the Govoni brothers with the aim of innovating the way of being a law firm. The goal was to align ourselves with the new needs of a modern market with ever-increasing rhythms, and the new legal panorama. Right now, we are facing our second world crisis with the Covid-19 that is completely changing millions of people’s lives.

Nowadays, we know that there will be disruptive effects and will probably lead to an economic swift. We are adaptive professionals, so we are ready to do what it takes to offer the best consulting for our clients.

Since 2010, we have been working for the best assistance of our Italian and International clients offering multi-practice legal consulting in the most important work areas.

Practice Areas

We offer a wide range of services for both Italian and international clients, in the following areas of activity. No matter how complex the challenges are, we are committed to offering our consulting ethically, clearly, giving cost-effective solutions to the clients’ legal issues and needs.

  • Real Estate
  • Probate, Inheritance, Wills, Succession Law
  • Family Law: Quick Divorce, Separation, Marriage
  • Personal Injury, Claims, Accidents, Malpractice
  • Insolvency, Debt Collection, Credit Recovery
  • Foreclosure
  • Commercial, and Corporate Law
  • Influencers, and Bloggers Law
  • Eviction, and Enforcement Procedures
  • Tax: Flat Tax, Bills Claims, Administrative Penalties, Fines, Real Estate Taxation Of Purchase, Sale, Donation, Inheritance, Property Ownership Taxation
  • Administrative, and Urbanistic Law
  • Criminal Law

Trusted Attorneys enlisted by many Institutions around the world

  • American – U.S. Embassy in Rome
  • British Consulate-General in Milan
  • Italian Embassy in Monaco (Montecarlo)
  • Canadian Trade Commissioner
  • Italian Embassy in Beijing (China)

And many more. Chat with us without obligations.