Sardinia, the safest zone in Italy for the seismic events and earthquakes

Italy has been struck by many earthquakes that destroyed many centers and some of beautiful Italian “borghi”.
The project of Houses for one Euro has been promoted from some of the municipalities in the mainland in places, in some cases, hardly hitten by these natural catastrophic events to try and safe the place by renovation and repopulation attracting interested non resident to a symbolic price purchase.
The whole Island of Sardinia is a safe haven that seems to be completely untouched from any kind of issues related to this natural events also because is the most ancient land of Italy. Just think that the Santa Barbara cave is 500 million years old.
In fact, according to the European Seismic Hazard Map published by European Commission as the photo shows, Sardinia is one of the safest place in Europe.
Every Municipality of the Island has been highlighted as “zone 4”, the least dangerous, where earthquakes are rarer and less strong.