Luxury in Sardinia, Porto Cervo – Part.3

Sardinia Marinas and Beaches: Luxury in Costa Smeralda, Porto Cervo.

Nowadays, in the bay of the Costa Smeralda, thanks to new technologies, crossing the data of and Forbes, we can estimate the yachts that stop in the renowned Sardinian coast. In the period of mid-August, the value thus obtained is over 3 billion euros, with assets of their respective owners totally valued over 100 billion dollars.
The international newspapers attribute these yachts to millionaires and VIPs of the caliber of Usmanov, Al-Fayed, Nancy Walton Laurie, Lakshmi Mittal, Viktor Vekselberg Andrei Skoch, John Caudwell, Sergio Mantegazza and Leonardo Del Vecchio, to name a few. Even if it often happens that the yacht’s ownership turns out to be of foreign companies almost always registered in tax havens.