Luxury in Sardinia, Porto Cervo – Part.7

Sardinia Marinas and Beaches: Luxury in Costa Smeralda, Porto Cervo.
The beaches of the Costa Smeralda are an example of untouched nature with vivid and authentic colors now famous and renowned all over the world, lapped by a unique sea with blue and turquoise reflections surrounded by ancient granite rocks. The most famous places are undoubtedly the “Grande Pevero” and the “Piccolo Pevero” respectively the Great and the Little Pevero that have nothing to envy to the world most famous tropical beaches, then there is the “Romazzino” named for the scent of the rosemary plants that characterize it and the Spiaggia del Principe (meaning “Beach of the Prince”), in honor of Imam Aga Khan, moreover, you can find the fabulous beaches Pirate Beach and Turtle Beach. While on the opposite side lie the enchanting little coves like “Cala Capriccioli” in the shape of a crescent, “Cala di Volpe” and “Liscia Ruja”.

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