8 Top Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Lawyer in Italy

Legal Due Diligence – Real Estate Lawyer in Italy.

  1. It’s a world full of fake news, scams and misleading information: online and offline, there are many issues with illegals offers, many ownership issues, title issues, mortgages and lies issues, hidden costs, and fees, donation issues, third parties rights upon the property, etc.;
  2. Real Estate Agent responsibility and role: the Agents for the mediation asks for a fee of 3-5% of the property selling price, but don’t have any legal obligation of legal checks or due diligence upon the property legal situation! We offer a full legal due diligence with a legal fee cheaper than the Real Estate Agency fee;
  3. The Notary has a neutral role: Italian notaries are legal professionals who act as public officers in Italian real estate transactions. It is very important to remember that the notary act as an Italian officer fulfilling a public role and does not work on behalf of the buyer or the seller, but serves as a neutral party;
  4. English Speaking Lawyers: we talk in English and we are Italians, this avoids any misunderstanding between the parties;
  5. The Legal Due Diligence is Crucial: we will do proper legal checks on the situation of the property that beside offer a safe purchase transaction, can result on a discovery of issues or elements that could negotiate a lowering of the property price;
  6. Avoiding future litigations: too many people still sign binding contracts without fully understanding their effects and this could cost future litigations regarding one of the many legal issues around;
  7. Obtaining contracts with major and better guarantees, with the last juridical verdicts of the Italian Courts regarding Real Estate (Diritto Immobiliare) and Real Estate Fiscal and Tax Law (Fiscalità Immobiliare e Tasse);
  8. Avoiding future hidden condominium costs: often happens that the condominium has a credit against the last owner and by law, they can ask for it to the new property owners for a part of it, some other costs could be hidden and hard to see for a “common” eye, becoming hidden costs that come “out of nowhere” after the Notary Deed.

In summary, why should I hire a Lawyer?

Before buying a home, have the title examined by a real estate lawyer!

In Italy, the Real Estate Agents only match buyer & seller but don’t have a legal obligation of due diligence upon the property. You could buy a house with legal issues, hidden costs, or third party rights upon the property.

The Lawyer is the only figure among the parties involved in the real estate transaction that is independent, acts in the interest of its Client, does proper legal check and if it finds any problem, it solves them before the final act avoiding future Court Litigations, it often results in negotiating a lower property price, because of these legal issues.

Hire a professional that assists you in any step of the process. For these and many more reasons, contact us!