Italian Citizenship by Ancestors (by Right of Blood)

Italy one of the few countries in the world where one can acquire prestigious citizenship by right of blood.

Jus sanguinis, Latin for “right of blood,” grants direct descendants citizenship to a country based on their parent’s or grandparent’s nationality.

With world-famous foods, beautiful scenery and rich history, the allure of relocating to Italy is easy to see. And while finding a job isn’t easy right now for high unemployment, skills and experience in the services industry can go long in Italy.

How far back you can get birthright citizenship: great-great-grandfather from Italy
Italian citizenship is passed on from parent to child without limitation of generation. You need to produce evidence that everyone in your direct line of ascendants has maintained their Italian citizenship without interruption since 1861.

Benefits that you will get by acquiring your Italian Citizenship:

  1. Being eligible to work, live and study in Italy and in the other EU countries without the need for a work or student Visa;
  2. Right to stay in Italy beyond the normal 90 days “Visa Waiver” program. Come and go as you prefer;
  3. Buying property in Italy is smoother and much easier;
  4. Transferring citizenship to all children under 18 years old;
  5. Having easier access to public healthcare and public education (available to all EU citizens);
  6. You can vote for your regional Italian Parliament representative.

If you think that Italian blood runs through your veins, ask for our assistance to obtain Italian Citizenship.