Startup, Business Growth, and Investment

The steps for starting and scaling a new startup share many of the same skills as investing in a new one.

  • First, venture capitalists often seek to understand the existing state of the customer growth – including growth loops, the quality of acquisition, engagement, churn, and monetization;
  • Second, to identify potential upside based learnings from within the company as well as across benchmarks from across the industry, understanding the “barriers to entry” and how distant that startup is from the competitors;
  • And finally, to prioritize and make decisions that impact the future. Of course, as an investor, you can’t run A/B tests or analyze results directly, but you can form hypotheses, ideate, and apply the same type of thinking.

We advise early-stage Technology Startups across a variety of industry sectors, connecting them with entrepreneurs and investors.

We assist startups and their founders (from EU and USA) helping them building, growing, and expanding international businesses, and matching them with American investors and entrepreneurs along the way by eliminating barriers involving communication and culture. With our legal assistance, the clients in need of business strategy, market expansion, or venture funding can find a match that they looking for with the right partners.

We deal with many technology startups who look for funding and lack the understanding of how much of a value investors put into hearing a great elevator pitch.
A successful presentation is crucial for communicating an easy-to-understand message about the company’s value. So we try to create a bridge between the parties, helping them to put all the pieces in place and make sure they are set for success when presenting to potential investors.