Open a Bank Account in Italy

Open a Bank Account in Italy

We provide assistance both for individuals and companies that intend to open a bank account in Italy, precisely in Sardinia.

Often this is done with the idea of using it to purchase an Italian real estate property or start a business in Italy.

Before opening a bank account, the Client will need to request and obtain a Codice Fiscale (we offer within our service also the request to obtain the Codice Fiscale on behalf of the Client).

Depending on the banks and the Clients information or account type will be possible to request and open the account through a Power of Attorney (POA) without your physical presence in Italy. Our Lawyers will take good care for you.

With the Italian bank account, the Client will have online-based services, such as Home Banking, which allow to manage it in real time and without the physical presence in Italy.

According to the bank compliance checks, depending on the client needs, there are strict regulations, both Italian and European, that will ask for further information before opening the account, and monitoring outgoing or ingoing funds.

We provide maximum assistance and cooperation in opening the bank account according to the Client’s needs.

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