Sardinia is not only summer. Autumn in Barbagia

Sardinian is a Mediterranean gem, still not a mainstream destination, but the international interest is growing also thanks to its warm friendly people, and typical colourful festivals around the island such as “Autunno in Barbagia”. Autunno in Barbagia is a local festival hosted from September 1st to December 16th, for 16 weeks that every year gives a wonderful opportunity to tourists and locals to discover the heart of Sardinia through… Read More »Sardinia is not only summer. Autumn in Barbagia


Gabriele D’Annunzio the famous Italian writer and poet of the nineteenth Century, also known as “the Vate”, meaning “sacred poet, prophet” wrote about a Sardinian red wine called Nepente di Oliena. A wine that Gabriele D’Annunzio knew very well. He wrote the preface to Hans Barth’s guidebook “Taverns of Italy”, to which we owe the first information about Cannonau outside of Sardinia. The poet was welcomed in Oliena as a… Read More »Wine


The island has a huge interior that is surrounded by nature with a mountainous interior and natural stunning countryside great for those that love the quiet and privacy, in order to experience a relaxing time away from the hectic life. “The immense natural heritage of Belvì unfolds between chalky tacchi and Gennargentu. The Trenino Verde – the Green Train – runs through here, stopping at the ancient station of the… Read More »Countryside

Sardinia, the safest zone in Italy for the seismic events and earthquakes

Italy has been struck by many earthquakes that destroyed many centers and some of beautiful Italian “borghi”. The project of Houses for one Euro has been promoted from some of the municipalities in the mainland in places, in some cases, hardly hitten by these natural catastrophic events to try and safe the place by renovation and repopulation attracting interested non resident to a symbolic price purchase. The whole Island of… Read More »Sardinia, the safest zone in Italy for the seismic events and earthquakes

The Sunny Island

Sardinia is one of the warmest and sunny places in Europe with 1.897 kilometers of stunning coastline with 3 airports and 32 marinas. The sun shines upon Sardinia for 3.000 hours per year. In fact, in any month of the year, even the coldest, there are more than 100 hours of sunshine reaching its best from May to August, with more than 300 hours per month! Beautiful golden sandy beaches… Read More »The Sunny Island