Consulting in Sardinia and Italy avoid legal troubles
Govoni brothers, Italian Lawyers, guarantee legal advice with maximum transparency, ethics, and professionalism.
Being both English Speaking Lawyers, assistance is often offered to foreign Clients, both private and corporate.
The areas of competence vary from real estate law, corporate law, contractual law, immigration law, incorporation of companies and general legal needs for doing business in Italy and moving to Italy.

Govoni Law is a preeminent boutique law firm in Sardinia that assists Clients in their needs to move or start a business in Italy.

Govoni Law offers assistance to the client who intends to invest his capital in real estate in the whole Italian territory, precisely in Sardinia. Among the various services, the Law Firm provides proper assistance during the process of research of the property through the Real Estate Partner Agency.

We draft Certified Real Estate Due Diligence signed by our Attorneys for any Property in the whole Italian Territory and we send it online to the client.

Did you find your dream property online and maybe there is also involved a real estate agency, but you want to be completely sure to buy without any legal issue?In this case, before signing anything, ask for a legal check!

Obtain the proper legal consulting before buying your property in Italy, in this way you will complete the purchase process with peace of mind! For the best purchasing experience, we created a Consulting Pack much appreciated by foreigners.

We will gladly assist you for any real estate interest in Italy.

Why should I hire a Lawyer?

To avoid more costs and issues! Look the most common mistakes that buyers keep doing again and again. 

We are Real Estate Attorneys with the main office in Sardinia. Is always better to have a Trusted Italian English Speaking Lawyer by your side!