Corporate and Commercial

Milan, Porta Garibaldi – Porta Nuova

We assist entrepreneurs, sole proprietorships, businesses, farms, and companies in all the disputes they may have over the course of their corporate life, in the relations with shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, business partners, Public Administrations and the Financial Administration.

The assistance activity concerns the negotiation, the drafting and the review of contractual or corporate documents, and the mediation, arbitration, and other alternative dispute resolutions. 

As for the sectors subject to judicial disputes and litigation, they are generally corporate, tenders, industrial, rental, lease, sale of companies, services.

We assist them also in all levels of judgment, in the legal proceedings, protecting the interests of the company, entrepreneurs or company members.

The Firm assists its clients in the process of internationalization, in every phase from the start-up phase, consolidation and establishment phase for a company that intends to export its products around the world after a proper market due diligence.
This is possible thanks to the network of selected international partners, without exclusive restrictions, that Govoni Law Firm has built during its international consulting activity, without neglecting any preferential contacts already indicated by the client.