Govoni Lawyers have set up the COVID-19 Task Force to assist clients in solving their problems in this complex situation.

We continued to work (smart-working) throughout the whole lockdown period to assist our customers with the sudden problems that arose and the related legal needs, maintaining communications remotely via email and WhatsApp.

The emergency situation has meant that the regulation of the cases of every aspect of our life is constantly evolving. So our team of lawyers is carrying out constant updating and studying the numerous measures against the Coronavirus emergency.

This in order to guarantee legal assistance that is for them a certain point of reference in this a landscape dotted with uncertainties.
The assistance spans a wide area of ​​legal issues that affect every aspect of daily life, such as e.g.

  • pre-coronavirus contractual obligations,
  • force majeure,
  • contractual breach,
  • negotiation of new agreements,
  • compensation for damages,
  • transactions,
  • appeals to the Prefect,
  • drafting of wills,
  • wealth planning,
  • or in general any legal assistance,
  • request for tax benefits.

Being an international law firm, we are also receiving many requests from foreign citizens in Italy who intend to benefit from the legislative changes regarding immigration and the emergence of irregular workers.

All of us have seen the news on TV, radio, and television news reports of entire crops that have been lost or ruined due to the lack of manpower for the gathering and collection. Do you have a farm in crisis and do you need laborers? Contact us, we can assist you.

Do you want to invest in land or in real estate because you know that in times of uncertainty, buying is a great idea? Contact us, we can assist you at every stage of the purchase process, with the right checks and related contracts, even without your physical presence.