Distressed Real Estate in Italy

Legal Assistance to Buy a House In Court

The Govoni Law Firm has matured over the years an important experience in the field of bankruptcy law, executions and insolvency procedures in general. In particular, our lawyers assist the Client in the purchase of properties in the non-performing loan market, or in insolvency proceedings.

With years of experience, assisting clients (debtor, creditor or bidder who intends to make an offer) in Court Auctions concerning Distressed Properties object of foreclosure or in general insolvency procedures.

Judicial Auctions, Competitions, and Negotiations for the purchase

We perform a legal check on assets subject to interest of the Client and we represent them in every stage of the purchase transaction until obtaining the ownership of these distressed properties in Italy.

Regarding the property-related circuit of non performing loans (NPL), our Team assists and represents clients in all kind of purchase, such as: sale; auction; invitation to offer; direct offer; private negotiation; sale asynchronous; private auction; notarial authentic; bidding; informal bidding; restricted tender with Commissioner; sealed bid; solicitation of lease; assignment; competitive sale.

The purchase of the property, even if involved in insolvency procedures, foreclosures or otherwise related to distressed assets, will be done safely and guaranteed thanks to the advanced control and due diligence done by our Lawyers that will allow the transfer of the assets purged from any prejudicial transcription.

We strongly recommend considering this kind of investment with proper financial availabilities.
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