Personal Injury

The lawyers of Govoni law firm assist their clients in the practices related to personal injury cases in every phase, both in civil, administrative and criminal Court. 

As follows, some of the most common cases:

– Road Accidents

– Car Accident Claims

– Motorcycle Accident Claims

– Compensation for Falls and Slips

– Broken Bones Compensation

– Medical Negligence and Malpractice

– Medical misdiagnosis compensation

– Pedestrians Injured in Road Accidents

– Passenger Accident Claims

– General Injury Compensation

– Animals Attack and Bite Compensation

– Children Injury Compensation

– Holidays and Overseas injuries

As regards compensation for damages, assistance is also guaranteed in cases of non-contractual liability (Article 2043 of the Civil Code), unlawful conduct, unfair damage, civil and criminal offense, contractual liability with typical sources (contracts) and atypical (law, unjust enrichment, unilateral promises, social contact, business management, overpayment and any other act or fact suitable to constitute the anti-juridical event).

In the field of road accidents, it is necessary to contact qualified professionals in order to obtain adequate protection and compensation for damage. Also in consideration of the complex and constantly evolving discipline. We assist the customer step by step in order to obtain the best possible result also in economic terms.

As regards road accidents, it is necessary to be adequately assisted also by virtue of the updated constants necessary on the legislative provisions. Our professionals assist their customers to step by step in order to obtain the best possible result also in economic terms.

The Firm takes care of communications with the parties involved, e.g. police forces intervened on the site, and instructed the experts to obtain a reliable assessment of the damage suffered and of the responsibilities.

Great attention is paid to the delicate compensation procedures for damages suffered as a result of medical liability, negligence, and professional liability of healthcare professionals.

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