Property Taxation & Fiscal Law

Property Taxation & Fiscal Law

Property Taxation for Real Estate Transactions

Delivering tax advice for the developer, investor, landlord, private and corporate client with a real estate asset. Communicating with the Bank Institutions for financing and mortgage associated with a real estate acquisition and investment.

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  1. Govonilaw has an excellent connection with primary banking institutions useful for these cases where the customer intends to ask for a mortgage or loan for the property purchase and all the other operations related to the opening of a bank account in Italy, this is very good to streamline the procedures for purchase and prepare the next bank domiciliation for the payment of utilities related to the property, a choice much appreciated by foreign customers;
  2. The Lawyers take care of the client’s interests in the real estate tax aspects and the tax reduction and deductions according to the Italian legislation;
  1. The Professionals advice in fiscal aspects of the purchase, in the case of a seller as a private or developer, with the proper legal warranty and insurance upon the property;
  2. Problem-solving: If one of the parties detract from the obligations assumed, since an inert or defaulting, having been signed the preliminary contract and the deposit paid, pursuant to art. 1385 and ss. Code Civil, the seller purchaser that fails the obligation must return the double of the deposit, if the buyer fails to attend its obligations, he will lose the deposit. The Firm deals with the recovery of these sums on behalf and in the interests of the client assisted. Furthermore, there are other solutions, but it depends on a case by case.

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