Real Estate

We offer assistance in the field of Real Estate and we have developed skills and knowledge of the sector providing interdisciplinary assistance aimed to cover all aspects of the various operations pertaining to real estate properties for various uses, including residential, touristic, commercial, agricultural.

The Firm’s clients include national and international investors, property management companies, hotels, and individuals who intend to acquire properties in Italy.

We also assist those who face judicial cases for real estate issues, such as enforcement procedures, evictions, recovery of lease payments, etc. Our assistance is also directed to those who have obtained a property through donation, succession or inheritance.

Real Estate Lawyers in Italy

The Team has developed specific skills in structuring the purchase, management, and sale of commercial, residential, or industrial real estate portfolios of all sizes, using the most lean and efficient tax structures.

Carry out your real estate transactions safely, with the right protection.

Investing is risky, reduce it by leveraging the experience of qualified professionals. 

We help with the legwork, assisting international clients in their interests in the real estate sector for a decade, offering our services, often remotely.

Main Services

Preliminary Check of the Necessary Documents, ex. Italian Tax Code (Codice Fiscale) 

Bank Account Assistance and Legal Advice

Real Estate Due Diligence prior to the Closing and Legal Advice during the whole process (how to buy a property in Italy)

The Sale Offer (“Proposta Irrevocabile di Acquisto”)

The Preliminary Purchase and Sale Contract (“Compromesso” or “Contratto Preliminare”)

Italian Power of Attorney services for a Full Remote Property Purchase (discover how it works here)

Escrow Account Planning and Legal Assistance

Rental and Lease Agreements

Loans and Bank Mortgage assistance

Property Management for Hotels and related contracts

Tax and Inheritance planning assistance

Properties obtained through donation, succession, or inheritance

Litigation and Property Court Cases

We assist clients with Litigation and Court Procedures regarding legal issues in real estate, such as:

Enforcement procedures, evictions

Pre-Foreclosure, Foreclosures, and Bankruptcy 

Recovery of lease payments and credits

Condominium and neighbourhood issues

Court auctions and property sales


Furthermore, we are a point of reference when it comes to examining and writing contracts for architects, developers, contractors, and construction companies. By taking care of communications with the parties involved.