Real Estate

We offer assistance in the field of Real Estate and we have developed skills and knowledge of the sector providing interdisciplinary assistance aimed to cover all aspects of the various operations pertaining to real estate properties for various uses, including residential, touristic, commercial, agricultural.

The Firm’s clients include national and international investors, property management companies, hotels and individuals who intend to acquire properties in Italy.

The Team has developed specific skills in structuring the purchase, management, and sale of commercial, residential or industrial real estate portfolios of all sizes, using the most efficient tax structures.

The firm, in particular, offers its own experience, among others, for the following operations:

  • acquisitions, divestitures, enhancement and development of real estate assets owned by individuals, companies, public administrations, pension funds, pension funds, religious bodies, acquisitions/sales of real estate companies, hotel tourism structures;
  • processes for setting up real estate companies, real estate investment funds dedicated particularly to the development of infrastructures and plants related to alternative energy.

Assistance in the construction of building projects

We assist individuals and businesses in the implementation of projects of various types, for example, as regards the admissibility – from the point of view of urban planning – of a specific building project or the exploitation of a particular property.

Furthermore, we are a point of reference when it comes to examining and arranging contracts with architects, developers, contractors, and construction companies.

During the whole planning, approval and construction phase we assist our clients also in the communications to the public authorities.