Italy attracts new residents with bonuses and funds to live in a small city

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It’s time to buy in Sardinia

Italy, to counteract the depopulation of small towns, has introduced incentives for those wishing to transfer their residency to locations with fewer than 3.000 inhabitants, such as those found in Sardinia. Specifically, the bonus entails a financial contribution for the purchase and renovation of properties, aimed at encouraging the repopulation of these areas.

What Bonuses for Real Estate Purchase

According to the provisions, citizens who choose to move their residency to these small towns can benefit from a bonus of up to 15.000 € for the purchase and renovation of a property. This incentive is designed to support families and individuals who opt to settle in these communities, thereby contributing to preserving their identity and development.

Additionally, facilitated mortgages of up to a maximum of 120.000 € are available for the construction, purchase, and renovation of properties in the small towns of Sardinia. This measure aims to facilitate access to housing in these areas by offering advantageous financial conditions to support the purchase and accommodation of new residences.

To access these incentives, certain requirements must be met, including having legal residency in the municipality in question or transferring it within a specified period of time. Furthermore, the bonus is intended for various categories of people, such as young couples, larger families, and those experiencing social or economic vulnerability.

The introduction of these incentives aims to counteract the depopulation of small towns by promoting the transfer of residency to these areas through advantageous economic and financial measures. These initiatives not only provide affordable housing opportunities but also contribute to the enhancement and preservation of local communities, safeguarding their identity and fostering sustainable development.

What are the requirements for transferring residence to a small town in Sardinia with fewer than 3.000 inhabitants?

  1. Having registered residency in the respective municipality or transferring it within a specified period, as indicated by the sources.
  2. The bonus targets various categories of individuals, such as young couples, larger family units, and those facing social or economic vulnerability, as reported by the source.
  3. The incentive may also be granted to individuals who transfer their registered residency within a specific timeframe, provided that the municipality of origin is not itself a small town on the island, as indicated by the source.

What documents DO YOU NEED?

The necessary documents may include:

  1. Identification Document: A valid identification document may be required to prove one’s identity and citizenship.
  2. Residency Certificate: It might be necessary to provide a residency certificate to confirm one’s current residential address.
  3. Financial Documentation: Financial documents, such as bank statements or income statements, may be required to demonstrate financial capability in the context of residency transfer and real estate purchase.
  4. Any Other Specific Documents: Depending on local and regional regulations, additional specific documents may be required to complete the residency transfer process and access the benefits provided.

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