7 Compelling Reasons to Choose a Real Estate Agency

real estate agent in a villa italy buy for sale


Selling your home on your own may seem like an excellent way to save thousands of euros, considering the potential commission fees ranging from 3 to 5 % charged by real estate agencies. However, the risks involved in going solo may outweigh the benefits. Here are seven top reasons to reconsider handling the sale independently.

1. Selling a Home is a Full-Time Job

For the average homeowner, managing a property sale is a daunting task. Can you rush home from work every time someone wants to view your house? Can you interrupt your activities whenever the phone rings? Do you have the energy after a workday to study the best marketing strategies for your home? Most homeowners would likely answer “no” to these questions. For a real estate agent, these tasks are fundamental to their work. They plan your marketing campaign, advise on presenting your home, handle inquiries, and conduct professional property viewings.

2. Real Estate Agencies Shield You from Counterproductive Emotions

Selling a home is emotionally draining. The involvement of a real estate agent reduces the likelihood of making common mistakes, such as setting an excessively high or low asking price. An agent navigates negotiations without revealing emotions, providing a buffer for owners who might otherwise struggle with buyer comments and rejections. An agent turns negative feedback into constructive insights, sparing you with unnecessary emotional turbulence.

3. Real Estate Agencies Have a Vast Pool of Potential Buyers

While homeowners can advertise their property online, the reach is limited compared to that of an efficient real estate agency. Agencies invest significantly in advertising, securing contracts for additional visibility that private ads cannot match. A broader audience translates to faster sales, a consistent truth in real estate where prolonged market presence leads to reduced sale prices.

4. Real Estate Agencies Screen Qualified Buyers

Can you, as a homeowner, recognize a qualified buyer during a property viewing? A real estate agency not only screens clients from the initial contact but is equipped to ask qualifying questions, determining a potential buyer’s seriousness and motivation. The presence of a professional agent reassures the client and ensures a smoother interaction than if the owner were directly involved.

5. Negotiation is Not Improvised

Despite any sales experience you may have, specialized expertise in real estate negotiation is likely lacking. Emotions often cloud judgment, risking misinterpretation of buyer cues and inappropriate responses. A savvy buyer will negotiate on price and conditions. With an agent, you benefit from their negotiation skills and the added weight of their professionalism. 

6. Selling on Your Own Exposes You to Legal Risks

The sale of a home involves various legal procedures, from correctly canceling a mortgage to urban planning due diligence. The biggest risk in a real estate transaction is that a seller may be held liable for negligence toward the buyer, especially regarding latent defects in the property. Unless you’re an industry professional, an agent likely knows more about the regulations governing property transfers. Real estate agencies, through extensive experience and constant collaboration with other professionals, can swiftly identify and address anomalies, shielding the seller from potential disputes.

7. Facilitating Smooth Transactions: The Vital Role of English-Speaking Real Estate Professionals in Italy

For foreign buyers in Italy, it’s crucial to engage English-speaking real estate experts. They ensure effective communication, comprehend potential issues, and understand client needs thoroughly. These professionals navigate Italian real estate complexities, providing clarity on processes, legalities, and market dynamics. Proficiency in English enables them to craft precise, legally binding contracts, minimizing future complications. In essence, collaborating with these professionals transforms property acquisition in Italy into a seamless and enjoyable experience for international buyers.

Through the years, Govoni has assisted with success hundreds of international buyers interested in properties located in Sardinia or other top Italian destinations.

Learning to sell your home without a real estate agent may turn out to be a regrettable decision. While attempting to save money, you could miss out on broader visibility for your property, struggle to negotiate a better deal, invest more time in the sale, and expose yourself to emotional pitfalls. A real estate agency brings multidisciplinary expertise to a complex transaction, safeguarding against financial and legal pitfalls that few selling homeowners possess.

At Govoni, if you sell or buy your property with our agents, we will include our lawyers’ supervision in our fee, without any additional cost for the client.