Foreclosed Property Purchase: Legal Assistance to Buy a House In Court


Govoni Law Firm has matured over the years an important experience in the field of bankruptcy law, executions, and insolvency procedures in general. In particular, our lawyers assist the Client in the purchase of properties currently in court auctions, foreclosed property, houses connected to the non-performing loan market, or in insolvency proceedings.

We have years of experience, assisting clients as debtor, creditors, or bidwinners who intends to make an offer in Court Auctions concerning Distressed Properties.

Judicial Auctions, Competitions, and Negotiations for the Purchase

As a real estate investor or potential homebuyer, it’s clear the appeal of a foreclosure sale. The property is usually priced well below market value, and the money saved on the purchase can be used to renovate it and eventually sell it for a big profit.

We assist our clients in doing it, guiding them in any step of the process, even while being abroad, through a power of attorney. The global recession created very important fluctuations in the assets values and this is very good for real estate investors. In Italy, property prices are still significantly down from their peak levels. 

This situation offers clear investment opportunities for those buyers in a position to leverage market conditions and maximize returns by purchasing foreclosure properties, renovating, and selling them. We perform a legal check on assets subject to the interest of the Client and we represent them in every stage of the purchase transaction until obtaining the ownership of these distressed properties in Italy. Regarding the property-related circuit of nonperforming loans (NPL), our Team assists and represents clients in all kinds of purchases, such as sales; auctions; an invitation to offer; direct offers; private negotiations; asynchronous sales; private auctions; notarial authentic; bidding; informal bidding; restricted tender with Commissioner; sealed bid; solicitation of a lease; assignment; competitive sale.

Legal Due Diligence and Preliminary Title Report

When you intend to buy a property in court auctions ask for a preliminary title check. It will show you the condition of the title and indicate if there are any second mortgages, liens, or any legal issues that could vest redemption rights in other parties.

The purchase of the property, even if involved in insolvency procedures, foreclosures, or otherwise related to distressed assets, will be done safely and guaranteed thanks to the advanced control and due diligence done by our Lawyers that will allow the transfer of the assets purged from any prejudicial transcription.

How can I buy safely a foreclosed property in Italy?

In Italy, the prospect of acquiring properties through court auctions tantalizes buyers with the promise of scoring excellent deals on real estate. There are indeed thousands of properties on offer at any given time, ranging from small countryside homes to lavish urban apartments. While the low prices are enticing, potential buyers quickly come to realize the sheer magnitude of extremely complex legal work behind it.

The process demands a comprehensive understanding of the Italian legal system, especially as it pertains to property auctions. This includes understanding the intricacies of the law, navigating through the pre-auction requirements, scrutinizing property documents for potential liabilities, and engaging with various professionals such as solicitors, real estate experts, and auction specialists.

The bidding process, too, is far from simple; it involves strict guidelines and deadlines. Interested parties must also make deposits, adhere to payment procedures, and be prepared for additional costs that may arise. Everything from due diligence on property titles to potential renovations must be factored into one’s budget.

Beyond the technical aspects, there’s a strategic element to this endeavor. Successful bidders must thoroughly research properties and market values to discern from the vast listings the properties that genuinely offer value for money. Given the complexity and risks involved, many potential buyers seek the guidance of legal advisors who specialize in auction purchases to navigate through the procedural labyrinth.

For those undeterred by these challenges, buying a property through a court auction in Italy can indeed prove to be a lucrative investment. It requires patience, acute attention to legal details, and a willingness to engage in meticulous pre-auction preparation. However, with due diligence and expert assistance, acquiring a property this way might just yield a hidden gem at a fraction of the market price.