Real Estate in Sardinia: Lawyers and Real Estate Agents

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Assisting International Clients in The Purchase of Real Estate In Italy


Buying or inheriting a real estate property in Italy can be a complex journey, particularly for those unfamiliar with the nuances of the Italian legal system and language barriers.

Understanding Italian law can be a daunting task, and attempting to navigate it independently may lead to frustration and potential pitfalls. The regulations differ, and the paperwork can be overwhelming, not to mention the intricacies of Italian legal jargon (legalese).

What you need is a reliable partner who not only speaks your language fluently but also possesses a profound and clear understanding of Italian law. Someone who remains impartial and prioritizes your best interests.

At Govoni, our dedicated team of multilingual Italian lawyers and real estate agents has been assisting clients from various corners of the globe in acquiring and inheriting properties across Italy.

A Strategic Team: Lawyers, Real Estate Agents, and Renovation Team

Our unique strength lies in the collaboration between our seasoned Lawyers our experienced Real Estate Agents,  and a dedicated Renovation Team led by our trusted Architect. This fusion of legal, real estate, and market knowledge enables us to provide clients with a complete 360-degree service. 

From navigating legal complexities to understanding market dynamics, our integrated team ensures comprehensive support throughout the property acquisition process. With us, you benefit from a smooth blend of legal and real estate expertise, guiding you seamlessly through every aspect of your investment journey.

What is the Best Way to Buy a Property in Italy?

In the intricate landscape of Italian real estate, Govoni stands as a reliable advisor, offering a wealth of experience in legal and agency services related to property transactions. Our team, comprising international real estate lawyers, is dedicated to assisting both Italian and foreign clients in navigating the complexities of buying and selling real estate in Italy.

Understanding the Basics

Real estate transactions involve a multitude of legal aspects, from conveyancing and due diligence to tax advice, investments, and dealings with residential properties. For individuals entering negotiations, the prospect can be overwhelming. However, our firm is committed to guiding the initial decision to purchase a property, offering support throughout the entire process.

Property Purchase Insights

Whether acquiring a private residence or a second home, our specialized knowledge extends to market values, safe investment opportunities, off-plan purchases, off-market properties, and acquisitions. Due diligence becomes paramount in property purchases, considering the administrative risks and fines that can arise. Signing a preliminary contract in Italy doesn’t immediately transfer ownership, but it does entail commitments. Thorough due diligence, performed by our expert team, ensures potential pitfalls are avoided, safeguarding your purchase.

If you dream of owning property in Italy, securing a mortgage may be necessary. Our extensive experience in obtaining mortgages for clients ensures a smooth application process, with favorable deals negotiated through our collaboration with Italian banks.

Property Sale Assistance

Govoni is not just an advisor in property purchases but also a reliable partner in selling real estate as Real Estate Agents. Italian bureaucracy can be challenging, especially with the necessary documentation requirements. From ensuring clear and complete documentation to obtaining a valid Italian tax code (Codice Fiscale) and an updated energy certificate (APE), we assist clients throughout the entire process, addressing potential complications, with a powerful problem-solving approach.

Selling inherited property in Italy, a common scenario, can present challenges due to incomplete probate or other discrepancies. Our experienced Italian Real Estate lawyers navigate these complexities to ensure a seamless process.

Remote Representation and Additional Services

Whether buying or selling, being physically present at the completion is unnecessary. Through a Power of Attorney (PoA), our Lawyers can represent you, saving costs for translators during transactions before a Notary, especially if Italian is not your main language.

For comprehensive property assessments, our external consultants collaborate to provide information on property value, structural conditions, market trends, and other essential details.

Insurance and Tax Considerations

After securing your dream home, protecting your investment through insurance is essential. Our team advises on suitable insurance policies, negotiating with insurers for the best terms.

Taxes, often overlooked, play a crucial role in property transactions. Seeking legal advice is imperative to minimize tax payments and avoid fines from the Italian tax office (“Agenzia Delle Entrate e Riscossione“). Our experts can guide you through legal strategies to reduce overall tax costs.

Exploring Investment Opportunities

Investing in Italian real estate offers various paths, such as renting properties, restoring and reselling, or buying off-plan. We assist with documentation and contracts, ensuring your interests are protected throughout the transaction. Our experience allows us to provide tailored advice based on individual preferences and needs.

In the realm of real estate transactions in Italy, risks abound, and seeking professional assistance ensures a smooth and efficient process. Govoni prioritizes client safety, providing expertise not just in pushing transactions but in ensuring a secure and timely outcome.

Whether purchasing, selling, or investing in Italian real estate, our team stands ready to navigate the complexities, protect your interests, and make the process as straightforward as possible. Consult with our qualified real estate lawyers to safeguard your property rights and complete your transactions with confidence.