What Does a Lawyer Check Before Starting the Purchase Process?

lawyer check due diligence purchase property in sardinia for sale

Govoni assists international clients in the purchase process of properties in Italy. We will walk you quickly through the crucial phase of Pre-Due Diligence, a pivotal step in ensuring a secure and transparent property transaction.

Identification Documents (ID) and Codice Fiscale

Before embarking on your real estate journey, it is imperative to provide valid identification documents, such as passports or national IDs, for all involved parties. Additionally, obtaining the Italian tax code, known as Codice Fiscale, is essential. This unique identifier ensures compliance with tax regulations, laying the foundation for a seamless transaction.

Proof of Residence before the Purchase

In the realm of property acquisition, confirming your current address is a fundamental step. The submission of a Certificate of Residence or utility bills serves as proof, assuring all parties of the accuracy and legitimacy of the transaction.

Certificate of Property Ownership and Land Registry Extract

To delve into the ownership details, we scrutinize the Certificate of Property Ownership (Visura Catastale). This document verifies the current owner and provides a comprehensive understanding of the property’s specifics. Simultaneously, the Land Registry Extract (Visura Ipotecaria) is scrutinized, revealing any existing mortgages or liens that may impact the property transfer.

Urban Planning Compliance

Local urban planning regulations play a pivotal role in the purchase process. Our thorough examination of Urban Planning Compliance (Conformità Urbanistica) ensures that the property aligns with these regulations, mitigating risks and ensuring a harmonious transaction.

Energy Performance Certificate

In an era focused on sustainability, understanding the environmental impact of your property is paramount. The Energy Performance Certificate (Certificato di Prestazione Energetica) provides valuable insights into the energy efficiency of the property, fostering informed decision-making.

Property Survey and Floor Plan

A detailed survey and floor plan are essential blueprints for your property venture. Our team meticulously reviews these documents, offering a comprehensive understanding of the property’s layout and condition, aiding you in making informed decisions.

Verification of Condominium Fees

For those considering condominium living, we ensure a thorough verification of Condominium Fees. Confirming that all fees are up to date prevents any potential financial surprises post-purchase, ensuring a smooth transition into your new property.

Certificate of Habitability

Safety and habitability are non-negotiable aspects of property ownership, especially for residential properties. The Certificate of Habitability (Certificato di Abitabilità) verifies that the property meets health and safety standards, providing you with peace of mind.

Verification of Any Easements or Restrictions

To conclude the Pre-Due Diligence phase, we meticulously verify the presence of any easements or restrictions. This ensures that your property investment is free from legal encumbrances, safeguarding your interests.

Hiring Govoni Law, you will start your real estate journey with confidence, knowing that each step is guided by expertise and a commitment to excellence.