“Living Art”. The hotel can become a journey into the world of art

This hotel is the Propeller Island City Lodge and is located in Berlin, Germany.

A work by the German artist Lars Stroschen who wanted to make the concept of a living space of art tangible and concrete.

We can, therefore, be allowed to find art even in a place where we do not expect. The idea is certainly interesting, it can be seen as an attempt to get closer to the world of art even for those who see it far or have never been attracted, for various reasons, by that.

The hotel represents a place to stay, that is a place where an essential activity such as resting takes place. The hotel is home in a place other than your home.

his beautiful example of living art allows us to get closer to culture, or even to more playful and playful aspects that are often lost with age. Certainly, it is not a common experience to see one’s place of accommodation as an attraction.

Even in the hotel industry, the building benefits from this, becoming an experience for visitors and travelers, and this goes far beyond the pleasure of a good room with the appropriate comforts.

Life experiences often become so much more valuable art at the moment of meeting with the guest (or the visitor, depending on the point of view).

A nice win: win in many ways!

And those who say that the “brick” represents only something heavy, obviously do not go beyond the mere notion of the building, nor, probably, have visited Berlin!

What do you think of this concept? Have you visited this hotel?

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