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While the idea of saving on commissions may be tempting, enlisting the help of a real estate agent in Italy offers numerous advantages, especially for expats planning a move. We highlight the crucial benefits of using a real estate agent in Italy, both for local and international clients.

One key advantage is the assistance with property-related documentation and paperwork, which can be daunting and complex. For those unfamiliar with the Italian property transaction process or lacking proficiency in the language, navigating these bureaucratic tasks can be challenging. An agent serves as a guide, helping you navigate potential pitfalls.

Real estate agencies conduct essential checks to ensure cadastral compliance, identify mortgages or surface rights, and gather information on the property’s origin and ownership history.

Additional advantages include:

  1. Accurate Property Valuation: An agent helps in determining the correct value of the property.
  2. Verification of Property Data: Ensuring accuracy in property information.
  3. Advertising Promotion: Utilizing effective advertising methods to showcase the property.
  4. Buyer Selection and Appointment Management: Assisting in the selection of suitable buyers and managing appointments.
  5. Relationship Management: Facilitating mediation between clients and the public notary.

Signing a written proposal is crucial to regulate the relationship between the agency and clients, as well as among clients themselves. This proposal, once accepted by the seller and communicated to the buyer, becomes a binding commitment for the purchase and sale.

While exclusivity is not mandatory, it offers the seller exclusive promotion services and prevents the property from being listed by multiple agencies or the seller independently. Choosing a real estate agent ensures a smoother and well-regulated property transaction process.

Agenzia Immobiliare Sarda is our Real Estate Agency

The Agency Is an excellence in the real estate field, strategically present throughout Sardinia. The founder and sole director of the company is Dr. Sara Govoni, a professional agent with an outstanding academic background, holding master’s degrees in both languages and law. Sara is also a board member of the Alghero Foundation, an institute that pursues its mission through strategies for the cultural, tourist, and social development of the territory. Sara has successfully attended the most important Italian notary schools, choosing not to practice law and pursuing a career as a real estate agent, achieving significant milestones.

The Agency is committed to providing clients with a comprehensive service, ranging from pre-sale consultation to the signing of the notarial deed, offering all necessary ancillary services. The company places particular emphasis on the security of real estate transactions, conducting thorough checks to ensure the buyer’s complete peace of mind. Simultaneously, it serves as a crucial reference point for the seller, ensuring they receive appropriate assistance and can sell their property quickly and satisfactorily.

A focus on the human aspect is another distinctive feature of our Real Estate Agency, considering customer satisfaction as the absolute priority. With the passion and expertise of the team, the company stands out for the effectiveness of its negotiation and marketing strategies, including a newsletter reaching hundreds of contacts worldwide. This is our trusted real estate agency.

Below, are the costs of a real estate purchase in Italy:

  1. Agreed Property Price: The primary cost is, of course, the agreed-upon purchase price of the property;
  2. Deposit (caparra confirmatoria): The buyer typically provides earnest money ranging from 5% to 10% of the purchase price as a sign of commitment. This amount is deducted from the final price at the closing;
  3. Real Estate Agency fee: 3-5% of the property price + VAT. We will ask you for a fair 3% fee of agreed property price + VAT;
  4. Notary’s cost: Generally the notary’s estimate includes registration tax and land registry tax. The taxes depend on whether it is a primary residence or a second home. We can ask our trusted notary for a quote, and for this, we need to know if you will be purchasing as a first or second home;
  5. Eventual Purchase with Power of Attorney: you can buy the property without being physically in Italy, through our trusted Lawyer who buys on your behalf (400€ + taxes). 

Regarding the procedure: the buyer makes a purchase offer to the seller, which indicates the terms and conditions and the deadline of the notarial deed of sale (closing). If the seller accepts the proposal, the buyer pays the deposit, and the sales process proceeds, otherwise we will negotiate a final agreed price. 

Check our Listings of properties for sale, we will assist you throughout the process up to the closing before the notary. If you buy a property with our Agency, we include in our agency’s fees the legal supervision of our Lawyers.

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