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The  Purchase Consulting Pack

Passive Income with Property Rentals

Govoni – Lawyers In Sardinia

Govoni Law is a preeminent Real Estate Boutique Law Firm in Sardinia, working with a focus on a foreign client base, offering specializing consulting in Italian real estate transactions, due diligence and contracts.

At Govonilaw, we like to imagine our legal services as “Tailormade” Consulting to be sewn on the Client needs, composing the desired Consulting “Suit”. In this way, we can offer always a “Bespoke” Legal Consulting according to each Client’s needs.

Due Diligence

Avoid Scam

Property Due Diligence in the Purchase of properties in Sardinia and all over Italy. Buy safely your coastal and rural in the ordinary and distressed market, bargain, undervalued property, bankruptcy and Public Heritage’s sale and auctions.

Bank Account

Buy Safe

Buying a property without the client’s physical presence, safely done with an escrow account service or fiduciary deposits held by the law firm for the Proposal Offer or Caparra in the Preliminary Contract, acquiring the property in complete peace of mind.


For Non-Residents

Assisting in the purchase of a revenue-generating asset, refurbishment or home staging and quickly reselling or “flipping” it for profit. In some case, the house just needs a quick home staging for gain value.

Italy Immigration

Residency & Citizenship

Assisting Expat in Italy and non-residents that intend to settle with Visa in Italy, residence permits, citizenship based on the situation and needs of the client. Assisting foreigners in the Elective Residency flat tax regime or Citizenship by Marriage.

Distressed Houses

Buy Your House In Court

Assisting clients (debtor, creditor or bidder who intends to make an offer) in Court Auctions concerning Distressed Properties, NPL related, foreclosure procedures, or in general, legal assistance in insolvency procedures.

Property Taxation

Taxes & Fiscality

Delivering tax advice for the developer, investor, landlord, private and corporate client with a real estate asset. Negotiating financing and mortgage associated with a real estate acquisition and investment also for the property rentals yields.


Wills for Italian Property

Drafting a will and trust, regulating the transfer of wealth, which often concerns real estate assets, from one person to another. This is a crucial step that needs proper assistance to translate the wills in legal concepts.

Credit Recovery

In Italy & Abroad

Recovering credits and personal injury claims and compensations all around the world. Assisting individuals and companies in the credit recovery in Italy and abroad through Govonilaw Business Network.

Company Incorporation

Business Setup In Italy

Company creation and establishment in Italy with the suggestion of the most suitable company type for the client’s business project. Clients are assisted from the genetic phase of the establishment of companies through the selection and drafting contracts.

Buying Process

How to Buy Your House In Italy

Discover the correct legal procedure to buy your house smoothly without errors in complete peace of mind, with a legal consulting through the drafting and negotiation of contracts and agreements with the necessary research and analysis of legal documentation. 

Italy Villas

Buy Safe Your Luxury Villa

Buy your Villa in Italy with our Real Estate Agency Partner that assists you finding prestigious villas in Sardinia and all over Italy. Your dream property by the sea, in the countryside, on the lake of Como and Garda, or in the historical centers to enjoy the real Italian Dolce Vita.

Passive Income Ideas

Property Management

Discover what it is, why you want it and how much you can earn with it. Investing is the ultimate and most accessible form of passive income, our idea for our clients is to invest in property rentals in Sardinia with the Property Management Assistance.