Before buying a home, have the title examined by a real estate attorney!

In this delicate phase, our Legal Assistance is precious (discover why!). When our check is completed, we will negotiate the terms, drafting the Offer or the Preliminary Contract, and we will keep the communications with all the involved parties.

Diversify your assets: Invest in Italy.

We have matured over the years an important experience in the field of distressed properties connected to Court Auctions. In particular, we assist the client in the purchase process highlighting the most interesting properties, that often can be a real bargain.

Take a look at the Investment Reports and minimum requirements.

Discover the Italian Public Heritage.

The Italian Government is selling amazing and unique properties, and trophy assets, representing a top-tier investment, otherwise impossible to find in the ordinary market.

If you want some specification sheet, don’t hesitate to call us.

We are trusted fiduciary of Sardinian top and selected artists.

Our goal is to promote the rich cultural heritage, tradition of Sardinia through its beautiful artworks and offer it to International Collectors.

Viceversa, we also assist International Artists that want to sell their art in Italy.

Travel itineraries to explore a rich culture, heritage and beauty.

A kind of bridge that connects individuals from a busy, stressful world to that of a relaxing, rewarding and enriching experience in one of the world’s five designated Blue Zones.

Find your property in the Ordinary Market.

Our Real Estate Agency Partner (English Speaking) assists many International buyers to buy a dream property in Sardinia.

They are specialized in the sale of real estate selected for quality-price alongside a consolidated professional competence, characterized by clear and transparent information with a strong focus on international customers. For further information contact them.

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Govoni Law English Speaking Property Lawyers in Italy

Govoni Law is a preeminent Real Estate Boutique Law Firm based in Sardinia, working in the whole Italian Territory with a focus on a Foreign Client base, offering specializing consulting in Italian real estate transactions, due diligence and contracts.
We like to imagine our legal services as “Tailormade” Consulting to be sewn on the Client needs, composing the desired Consulting “Suit”. In this way, we can offer always a “Bespoke” Legal Consulting according to each Client’s needs. 
We do our best to use a down-to-earth approach with our Clients, despite the Italian legislation in the complex bureaucracy landscape.
Be sure to hire Independent Lawyers that represent only your interest in every single phase of the purchasing process. It’s crucial to hire an English-speaking Italian Lawyer specialized in Property Law. We offer trustworthy independent legal services to international and foreign Clients with a specific focus on cross-border residential and commercial property transactions.

Title Examination Before Buying

For the Offer and Preliminary Contract

Verified Legal Due Diligence in the Purchase of properties in Sardinia and all over Italy. Buy safely, avoiding future Courts litigations thanks to our legal check that can be done both in the ordinary and distressed market.

Italy Property Buying Guide

How to Buy Your House In Italy

Discover the correct legal procedure to buy your house smoothly without errors in complete peace of mind, with a legal consulting through the drafting and negotiation of contracts and agreements with the necessary research and analysis of legal documentation. 

Mortgage & Loans

Buy with Leverage a Property Asset 

Buy a Real Estate Asset with the assistance of our Team in the various steps of the process in Sardinia and all over Italy. Could be the purchase of a property by the sea, in the city center, or in the countryside.

Property Taxation

Taxes & Fiscality

Delivering tax advice for the developer, investor, landlord, private and corporate client with a real estate asset. Communicating on your behalf with the Bank Institutions for financing and mortgage associated with a real estate acquisition and investment.

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Escrow Account

Buy Safe

Buying a property safely done with an escrow account service or fiduciary deposits (conto dedicato) held by our trusted Notary according to the Italian Law n. 147/2013 for the Proposal Offer or Caparra in the Preliminary Contract, acquiring the property in complete peace of mind.


Wills for Italian Property

If you become the owner of Italian property by inheritance, donation or will, we will take care of your interests by studying the solution for your specific case. We draft wills and trusts, regulating the transfer of wealth, which often concerns real estate assets, from one person to another, translating the last wills in legal concepts.

Legal Translations

Certified and Sworn Legal Translations in Italy

We provide legal, certified translations and sworn translations, thanks to our Professional and Certified Expert Translator. We assist Clients in any documents translations mainly juridical, historical, international real estate acts, notarial deeds, also with asseverations in Italian Court.

Elective VISA

Italy Immigration – Elective Residence VISA

Providing legal consulting to the Clients to understand the needs and requirement according to Italian Immigration law. WE usually assist foreigners that intend to move to Italy with Elective Residence VISA

Alghero Office Govoni Lawyers in Sardinia

Seller Financing

Buy a house in Italy without a mortgage.

Seller financing is a loan provided by the seller of a property or business to the purchaser. Often used by individuals in the context of residential real estate. Also known as Owner financing, it is a creative financing kind of purchase where the buyer obtains financing directly from the seller of that property. It is also known as seller financing, bond for title, or a longer kind of “rent to buy”.

Obtain a CF & Open a Bank Account

You can easily do it without leaving your Country

Doing any activity in Italy needs several legal requirements, one of the most important is the Italian Fiscal Code (CF). We obtain it on your behalf online. 

Another appreciated service is the opening of both personal and corporate bank accounts in Italy, also remotely with the POA.  

Apostille and Legalization

Make your foreign documents legal in Italy

When you need to use foreign documents in Italy, you need to follow some legal steps of authentication and legalization. It can be done through Apostille and Legalization procedures, but it depends if your Country is part of the Hague Conference of 1961. We assist Clients with these procedures for any legal document or act.

Incorporate an Italian Company

Company Setup & Incorporation

Company establishment in Italy through an Italian limited liability company or the most adaptable to your needs. For example, under Italian corporate law, two kinds of vehicles are available to incorporate a limited liability company as “Società per Azioni” (a joint stock company or S.p.A), and a “Società a responsabilità limitata” (a limited liability company or S.r.l).

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