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At Govoni Law, we specialize in assisting international clients with purchasing real estate in Sardinia, Italy. Our tailored approach is designed to demystify the complexities of Italian law and real estate transactions. It’s essential to have the legal assistance of a trustworthy professional who understands Italian law, follows these cases daily, and always prioritizes your best interests.

A Special Assistance

Plus, when you buy a property through our Real Estate Agency, the legal supervision by our Lawyers is included in the agency fees, with no additional costs to you!


Established in 2010 during the global economic crisis, Govoni Real Estate began with a clear goal – to redefine the real estate brokerage experience and become trusted advisors in a rapidly changing market. Originally known as Govoni Law, we quickly recognized the need to adapt to the modern market’s pace and the evolving legal and real estate landscapes.

Our commitment to excellence led to the creation of Agenzia Immobiliare Sarda in 2017, our dedicated real estate brokerage. This expansion allowed us to maintain high-quality assistance in the purchase and sale processes of properties, particularly in the captivating region of Sardinia. 

Catering to both Italian and international clients, Govoni Real Estate offers comprehensive real estate services, specializing in assisting buyers in their quest for residential properties in Italy. Our team, well-versed in the intricacies of the Italian real estate market, is committed to providing a seamless experience for those looking to make a home in the picturesque landscapes of Sardinia.

For our international clientele, the search for a residence or a second home in Italy is not just a transaction; it’s a journey to embrace the allure of the Italian lifestyle. Govoni Real Estate goes beyond the basics, ensuring that our clients not only find their ideal property but also immerse themselves in the enchanting experience of living “la Dolce Vita” in Italy.

In 2020, discover where else we expanded.

Avv. Davide Govoni – Lawyer

Founder of the Govoni law firm, he trained at the Faculty of Law at the University of Sassari, one of the oldest Italian universities with over 450 years of history.

After obtaining the Juris degree (JD), he worked as a researcher with the chair of Administrative Law.

He collaborated with important law firms developing professional skills in administrative law, civil law, real estate law, and commercial law.

In the field of real estate law, has defended private individuals and companies, especially agricultural ones, in cases of opposition to real estate executions deriving from foreclosures or bankruptcy proceedings until the maximum degree of civil justice before the Supreme Court.

He regularly co-operates with notaries, banks and credit institutions, technicians such as architects, designers, and engineers, and has developed a broad spectrum of expertise in the complex bureaucratic and legal real estate dynamics.

He constantly participates in numerous conferences and seminars, examining the legal aspects of real estate companies and related aspects of investment. The research work has often led to the consultation of company accounting books, reports, memos, and general documentation of public companies deposited with supervisory institutions.

Avv. Emmanuele Govoni – Lawyer

Founder of the Govoni law firm, He completed his education with a law degree from the University of Sassari, at the young age of 21, probably being the youngest to obtain a Juris degree (JD) in Italy.

He obtained the lawyer title when he was 24 y.o..
He carried out research in the faculty of law at the chair of administrative law.
He won a scholarship that allowed him to continue his law studies at the National University of Plata, Argentina.
He won a research doctorate obtaining the title of Ph.D. in Law and Economics of productive systems, studying the regulatory aspects of the market, and of the supervisory bodies.

Over the years he has always shown a strong propensity towards international clients, following the advice of numerous real estate transactions from the due diligence stage up to the conveyancing of the properties, both in the ordinary and in the distressed market.

He represented and defended individuals and companies in the area of civil, commercial, administrative, and urban planning law, following the legal aspects also in terms of tax benefits.

He constantly collaborates with notaries, banks and credit institutions, and technicians such as architects, designers, and engineers, in this way he manages to have a wide spectrum of visibility of the sometimes complex and bureaucratic real estate dynamics.

He studied thousands of pages of public and private companies from a legal point of view, exploring business models in a fast-paced and ever-changing market with a focus on real estate.

Dr. Sara Govoni – Real Estate Agent

The CEO of the Agenzia Immobiliare Sarda, the Real Estate Agent of the Team.

Sara is not a lawyer by choice. She has two master’s degrees: one in Languages and one in Law, with 25+ years of experience in the tourism and real estate sector. The passion for real estate has led her to obtain the title of Agent to personally deal with real estate sales, especially luxury transactions.

Her transversality allows her to be a qualified point of reference in this area both for more technically complex sales, especially for an international clientele.

Avv. Stefano Marras – Lawyer

Since 2012, he has worked with Govoni Law mainly in the areas of Litigation, Civil, and Corporate Law.

Legal assistance and consultancy in civil, commercial, and bankruptcy law.
Hearing activity, discussion of proceedings both in public hearings and in the council chamber.
Study of disputes, doctrinaire, and jurisprudential study of the most interesting aspects of practical cases.
Drafting of judicial documents and litigation.