SPID: The Italian Digital Identity

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What is SPID?

The Public Digital Identity System, or SPID, is an online identity system that allows individuals to access and use services provided by over 4.000 Italian Public Administration institutions through a single username and password. This includes enrolling children at school, accessing health records, booking hospital visits, and interacting with the Tax Agency or Social Security Authority, INPS, among other services.

Benefits of SPID

SPID offers greater security than traditional credentials, reduces the risk of identity theft, and allows direct interaction with public administration from home or the office, eliminating the need to visit public offices. It also does not allow profiling, ensuring the protection of personal data.

SPID Levels

There are three levels of SPID. Level 1 provides basic access to some public administration portals, while Level 2 requires an additional identity check and often involves using an app on a smartphone to generate a one-time password. Level 3 is for those who need to access third-party data via a public administration portal.

How to Obtain SPID

To obtain a SPID digital identity card, Italian citizens over 18 years old need a valid Italian identification document, such as an identity card, passport, or driving license, and a valid Italian tax code (Codice Fiscale) or health card (Tessera Sanitaria). They also need an email address and a mobile phone number.

The process of obtaining SPID involves registering with one of the digital identity providers authorized and supervised by AgID, choosing between free or paid recognition methods offered by the providers, and completing the recognition process.

The recognition can take place in person, via webcam, audio-video by bank transfer, or through an electronic identity card, national service card, or digital signature. Once obtained, the use of SPID for citizens is free of charge.

The timing of issuing the digital identity depends on the individual provider. For Italian citizens residing abroad, the process of obtaining SPID may vary, and they are advised to select an online recognition method marked with the EU or world symbol.

Foreign nationals residing in Italy may obtain SPID by following specific procedures

Who Can Obtain SPID?

Italian citizens over 18 years old can obtain SPID with a valid Italian identity document. For Italian citizens residing abroad or foreign nationals in Italy, the process varies and is subject to specific requirements.

Can a foreigner have a spid? 

Yes, foreigners (18+) living in Italy can obtain SPID. To obtain SPID, foreigners need an Italian ID document and a health or tax code card as well as an e-mail and a mobile phone. The providers are Aruba, Infocert, Intesa, Namirial, Poste, Register, Sielte, Tim or Lepida. The use of SPID is free also for expats.

Where to Obtain SPID

SPID is issued by authorized service providers supervised by AgID, with the Italian Post Office being the principal provider. Some banks may offer free SPID to existing customers, while other dedicated providers offer variable costs for obtaining SPID.

SPID is a secure and convenient way to access a wide range of public services in Italy. 

It provides individuals with a single set of credentials to interact with various public administration portals, offering enhanced security and privacy protection.